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Teen Summer Reading Program
 “Spark a Reaction” 
Online or at Hackley Public Library
Summer Reading starts Monday, June 9, 2014
Hi, Teens!  Summer reading is great for you, too.  
Check in every Monday to see what we are up to.
This summer’s theme is inspired by all things science,
but you can read whatever you want.
Sign up for summer reading at Hackley Public Library.  
Check us out on facebook and/or follow us on twitter,  MsCeethebrarian@Hackley Teens, anytime beginning Monday, June 9, 2014 and running all summer through Saturday, Aug 9, 201
to play games, share book highlights, talk about books and movies and win great prizes for a fun summer reading time.  
Drop in at the library for self-guided arts and crafts.  
Check the schedule for times.  
To get things started:
Teen Book Page Poetry
3:00 PM Thursday, June 12
Drop in between 3:00 and 4:00 pm to create a poem from a book page, using a black marker to circle the words you want to use and black out the ones you don’t, creatively leaving a beautiful expression of art.  Leave your creation so we can put it on display.
Follow us on Twitter MsCeethebrarian@HackleyTeens
Teen Index Card Graffiti
3:00 PM Tuesday, June 17
Drop in between 3:00 & 4:00pm .  Use YOUR gift of design and OUR markers to make one word/name graffiti on a card.
Best design wins a prize.  Leave your card, with your name
and phone # on back of card, to display. 
Follow us on Twitter MsCeethebrarian@HackleyTeens
Teen Coloring Contest
3:00 PM Tuesday, June 24
We all learned to color in the lines when we were little, but have you tried the new adult coloring sheets?  How good are you?
Drop in between  3:00 &4:00 pm to color a page – the best picture wins a prize.  Leave your art with your name and phone #
on the back, to display.
Follow us on Twitter MsCeethelibrarian@HackleyTeens