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Teen Resources:

  • College and Scholarship Information  College ratings, where to get scholarships, etc.
  • CU Succeed Resources Offers articles and resources for teens about management of personal finances. Includes downloadable budget spreadsheets, a financial glossary, and online calculators for loans, savings, auto loans, and credit card payoffs. Features articles written by teenagers on buying a car, choosing a college, finding a job, tracking expenses, and related topics. From a credit union league partnership that assists credit unions in the United States and Canada in attracting teen members.
  • Free Michigan Driver's Permit Practice Tests  10 car practice tests, 6 motorcycle practice tests, 1 CDL practice test, 3 online driver's manuals.
  • High School Hub Academic Resources for High School Students
  • Tools for Beginning Jobseekers help in creating your resume and tips on interviewing.
  • Skateboard Science [RealPlayer G2] This new exhibit from the Exploratorium lets users in on the techniques and equipment skateboarders use to seemingly bend the law of gravity.
  • Student Exchange Program Sponsored by Rotary International, this site is great if you are thinking about going on an exchange program.
  • Studentjobs.gov Federal government employment opportunities for high school and college students. Search options include employment type (for example, summer employment or internship), geographic location, and salary. Includes profiles of government agencies with job listings in the database, as well as links to agencies that aren't required to post listings in the database. Also offers options to create a profile to receive job matches by e-mail, submit a resume or get noticed by potential employers.
  • Teen Workers teen worker safety and health information, as well as facts about teenager rights and responsibilities while working.
  • Tuition funding sources

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