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Searching the Net:


General Sites detailing how to Search

Search Engines

  • Alta Vista (a search engine).
  • All Academic: The Guide to Free Academic Resources Online This professionally designed academic search engine and index offers a searchable database of scholarly articles and a browseable list of alphabetized links to online journals all available at no charge on the Web.
  • Dan's No Overhead Search Thingy A good search site for users with slow or expensive Internet connections.
  • FAST Search Quick, easy, with lots of sites indexed, this search engine hopes to index the entire web.
  • Good50 a search engine aimed at seniors, children, and others who have low vision.
  • Google! uses simple keyword searching
  • HotBot
  • Information Please An online almanac and search engine.
  • Free ISBN search search for books by their isbn.
  • Lycos (a search engine).
  • Monkey Sweat quick search engine.
  • Political Information.com A targeted search engine for political and policy sites.
  • Search Both this search site lets you search two search engines at the same time and puts the results in boxes next to each other so you can compare them.
  • Search4Science
  • Search EDU This search engine limits searches to .edu sites.
  • Search MIL This search engine searches military sites.
  • Search GOV Limits searches to .gov sites
  • Search Engine Z for serious searchers.
  • Slider this site also includes an encyclopedia.
  • SurfWax This search engine lets you refine your search with focus words.
  • Teoma gives results three ways: Web pages, Web sites grouped by topic, and topic experts. (RB)
  • Time Search designed to allow you to search for information based on time with location or theme. (RB)
  • Top Click This search engine promises no ads on your search result page.

Subject Directories

Meta-search Engines

  • Dogpile
  • Gnosh Gnosh is a meta-search tool. Gnosh pulls morsels from all over the web and organizes them on one plate for you. (IRN)
  • Mamma
  • MetaEureka This site has no graphics, no weather, nothing but search results. It searches 5 different search engines and return 20 hits per.
  • Savvy Search
  • SearchBug.com 'This handy site brings together some of the most common searches and places them at your fingertips.'
  • Search-22: Reference Searches A directory of Internet searches and more....With one user-friendly form you can start your searches directly from one spot. (LII)

Country Specific and Regional Search Sites

  • Search Engine Colossus this metasite offers links to a large number of country- or region-specific search engines. The search engines are organized by country, with a link to the service, the language(s) it uses, its point of origin, and a short description when available.
  • For Arabs Searchable subject index of Arabic and Arab-interest web sites.
  • Al Bawaba Available in both Arabic and English, this gateway links users to a wide variety of sites and resources from and about the Middle East.
  • Asia Source News and information about Asia
  • France from Alta Vista- A search index covering French sites
  • France from Google
  • Germany from Google
  • Google Ireland (RB)
  • Italy from Yahoo- A search index covering Italian sites.
  • Korea from Yahoo-A search engine index covering Korean sites.
  • Netherlands from Yahoo-A search index covering The Netherlands.
  • New Zealand from Yahoo
  • Spain from Yahoo A Search index covering Spain.
  • United Kingdom from Google

Other Search Sites


Find A .....

A list of specialized search sites for finding specific things.


  • AbbreviationZ.com Launched on 2001, AbbreviationZ.com is the largest human-edited acronyms and abbreviations directory on the internet with more than 350,000 entries classified by over 120 different categories and sub-categories. The new innovative meta-search feature allows users, who are searching for acronyms and abbreviations definitions on the local AbbreviationZ.com directory, to locate additional meanings on the internet by using a meta-search engine, which is based on proprietary natural-language-processing algorithms, that lookup and parse multiple search-engines simultaneously.
  • Acronym
  • Apartment
  • ATM (from VISA)
  • Attorneys
  • CDL Online Practice Questions(SR)
  • Coats of Arms from Ireland and Around the World Over 2000 FREE coats of arms from Ireland and around the world in GIF format. (LII)
  • Company Information
  • Computer Magazine Article
  • Definition
  • Definition good for popular culture definitions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Domain Name
  • Driving Directions
  • Environmental Information on Region 5 (Great Lakes, etc)
  • Environmental info on Superfund Sites
  • Form of Address (LII)
  • House
  • How to do almost anything
  • Job
  • Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Law Firm
  • Legislator's Voting Records
  • Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: How to Find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author What if you wanted to locate Robert Burton's masterful 17th century opus, The Anatomy of Melancholy? But wait: You can't remember his name or the name of the book. That's where you should know to click on over to this delightful and helpful reference guide created by Peter Armenti, Digital Reference Specialist at the Library of Congress. The intent of this guide is to help readers identify a literary work when they know only its plot or subject, or other textual information such as a character's name, a line of poetry, or a unique word or phrase. The guide is divided into three separate sections: Finding Novels, Finding Short Stories, and Finding Poems. Each section offers a host of resources that include general search engines, online book databases, library catalogs, listservs, message boards, and physical print resources available in many public libraries. This guide is rounded out by a selection of related resources, including a primer on how to find poems in the Library of Congress. (SR)
  • Lyrics A to Z Lyrics Universe
  • Lyric Wiki searchable by artist, album, and song.
  • Lyrics Playground songs from around the world. (LIB)
  • Medical Information
  • Music find a song when all you know is the song's tune. (LIB)
  • Newsgroup
  • Person The Virtual Chase: People Finder Guide. This guide will help you find online sources of public records as well as other Web-based people finding tools. When searching public records such as court filings, [or] property records ... understand that you will often find details in the supporting paper documentation, which is not available online. Includes annotated links to site for public records and for telephone directory listings. From a law firm with offices in several U.S. cities. (LII)
  • People PIPL: a new search engine for people. It is unique in that it isn’t an address or email search, but instead searches for the person throughout the Net. (WILT)
  • People  123People brings up some different information than other people searching sites.
  • Public Records One of the most comprehensive sites for many different types of public records searches, from personal to corporate. It comprises nearly 35,000 databases, including those indexing OSHA claims, foreclosures, corporate reports, and several other business records. Databases are clearly labeled Free or Pay to avoid wasted time searching records one doesn't wish to pay for. One drawback to this website is the fact that unregistered users have a brief wait (approximately 20 to 30 seconds) for each database to load, during which ads are shown.
  • Public Records Zaba Search: This resource serves as a gateway to services on hundreds of websites that provide public records free of charge. Searches can be conducted by personal name, business name, address, or telephone number. For businesses, it provides financial, legal, trade-related, and research records, many as scanned images of originals. The user can view property records and even satellite imagery of both business and residential properties. from ALA
  • Public Records FinderBoth business and personal public records are indexed in this comprehensive database. Nationwide searching is available, broken down by categories including business records, corporate tax forms, legal research resources, and professional licensing information. from ALA
  • Free Public Records Directory Collection of links to U.S. federal and state real and personal property records, recorded documents, jail and inmate records, sex offender records, wanted persons records, and many more free public records. Links are organized by state and county and are searchable by ZIP code or city. Also includes links to news about public records. From a company that provides witness location and skip tracing services.(LII)
  • Quotes
  • Title from Shakespeare Type in the name of a Shakespeare play and find all the other works that have been based on it with their author and the full quotation from which a title was derived.
  • Musipedia Inspired by, but not affiliated with Wikipedia, we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes.
  • National Sex Offender Registry As of July 3, 2006, all 50 states are participating in the National Sex Offender Public Registry Web site, which provides real-time access to public sex offender data nationwide with a single Internet search. This site, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, allows parents and concerned citizens to search existing public state and territory sex offender registries beyond their own states. (RT)
  • Easy School Search A freely browsable database of over 130,000 US public and private elementary and secondary schools with grades kindergarten through twelve. The data provided includes characteristics such as school size, school level, geographic region, community type, program emphasis, and, where available, other data such as religious orientation and association membership. (LIB)
  • Sound
  • Stock Filings
  • Tartans Of Scotland complete Register of all Publicly Known Tartans online, which includes details and images of over 2800 tartans. (LII)
  • Tutorial
  • Weather
  • Yellow Pages
  • Zip Codes