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Other Leisure and Recreation Sites:


    • The American Veterinary Medical Association lots of information on pets. (RB)
    • ASPCA Pet Nutrition This series of articles answers common questions about what and how much to feed dogs and cats. Includes tips for puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and older pets; a video clip on choosing the right pet food; a list of top nutrients needed by pets; and a discussion of overweight pets. From the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). (LII)
    • Bow Wow Meow a database of pet names (RB)
    • Care for Pets pet care guide, articles, resources, pet sitters and more.
    • 2,000 Cat Names: Naming Your Kitten (LII)
    • Cat Fanciers' Association information on cat breeds and care, cat shows, and a showcase of top winning cats
    • Cat Talk quotes about cats. (LII)
    • Cat Users Manual. humor. (LII)
    • The Domestic Cat and the Law: A Guide to Available Resources developed by a librarian, this site has history and current info on cats and the law (LII)
    • Dog Toys: You Need Them This fact sheet provides tips for choosing safe and appropriate toys for dogs. Includes recommended toys and ideas for getting the most out of toys. The cat behavior section of this website includes a similar fact sheet on cat toys (search for cat toys). From the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). (LII)
    • Exotic Pets guide to the care of exotic pets covers rabbits, ferrets, reptiles amphibians, rodents, pigs, and bugs. (RB)
    • Healthy Pet from the American Animal Hospital (RB)
    • The Merck Veterinary Manual complete guide to pet's health. (LII)
    • Parrot Chronicles e-zine for parrot owners. (LII)
    • Petfinder.com adoptable pets at rescue organizations and shelters around the U. S. (LII)
    • Choosing the Right Pet Bird Brief overview of items to consider when selecting a pet bird. Topics include domesticated strains of wild species (such as canaries, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, and lovebirds) and species without a long history of domestic breeding (such as conures, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, and toucans). Includes links to information about caring for pet birds and wild animals as pets. From the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). (LII)
    • Pet Connection Pet Connection is the weekly pet-care feature syndicated to newspapers, magazines and Web sites throughout the United States and Canada by Universal Press Syndicate. Topics addressed include the dog and cat food recall (and associated pet deaths) in spring 2007, travel with pets, pet health, and more. The site also includes a blog and links to related sites.
    • Best Friends Animal Society: Pocket Pets Questions and answers about care of pocket pets (rats, guinea pigs, sugar gliders and other small creatures). Some of the topics include spaying and neutering, habitat, socializing, and diseases. From a veterinarian who specializes in working with small exotic pets. (LII)
    • CDC: Pocket Pets Health advisories about pocket pets, small animals, often rodents that are kept as pets and could fit in your pocket. Discusses Salmonella and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV), both of which can be transmitted from animals to humans. Includes prevention measures and considerations when choosing a pocket pet. From the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (LII)
    • Vets First Choice Lots of information for pet owners.
    • VetHelp Direct Helps you decide if you need to take your pet to the vet immediately, or if it can wait.
    • USENET Hedgehog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) information on keeping a Hedgehog as a pet. (LII)
    • House Rabbit Society aimed at promoting rabbits as pets
    • PetsWelcome lists hotels, apartments, ski resorts, campgrounds, and even amusement parks that are pet friendly throughout the world. (RB)
    • Dogs
    • Dog Breed Info
    • Puppy Finder This site lets you answer 10 questions about yourself in order to choose the perfect dog
    • 2000 Dog Names Lots of names for your special friend.
    • Bad Dog Chronicles So, you think your dog is bad!
    • Dog Owner's Guide More than 300 pages of features, breed profiles, training tips, health information, and articles about shelters, rescue, dogs and the law, and just about everything else you need to know about living with your dog.



  • Amateur Radio Site Find out about Ham Radio here.
  • The Best Places to Live From Money Magazine
  • Traffic Waves: Physics for Bored Commuters
  • Beer Mad a site for beer lovers everywhere (RB)
  • Beer Advocate articles, chats, reviews, events, news. (LII)
  • The History of Beer explains the history of beer. (LII)
  • Book Repair Manual from Dartmouth College Library preservation services.
  • Card Games Need to know the rules to card games? Check out this site!
  • Curious Dreamer a search engine/dictionary dedicated to dream images (RB)
  • Center for the Easily Amused
  • Grand Comic Book Database a database of comic book story details, creator information, and other info. (LB)
  • Holidays On the Net check out sites for your favorite holiday
  • Hot Rodders This searchable subject index features over 900 links in categories ranging from parts to services to clubs to publications. (RB)
  • NeighborWorks America Website for this national nonprofit organization created by Congress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts. Features news, case studies, and reports on subjects such as aging in place, disaster preparedness, foreclosure solutions, home equity protection, manufactured housing, predatory lending, and refinancing. Also includes materials about campaigns, such as its free telephone consultation service on foreclosure solutions. Includes listings of local NeighborWorks member organizations. (LII)
  • Mercury Theater ...this New York drama company, founded by Orson Welles and John Houseman, produced a number of highly acclaimed radio-adapted dramas..., many of which can be heard or downloaded at this site.
  • Senior Women Web Resources for and about Senior Women
  • Third Age Billed as the web for grown-ups, ThirdAge.com is one of the more popular web sites serving the interests and needs of adults in their mid-40s through 50s. (RB)
  • Privacy This site is provided by the US Federal Trade Commission. It includes information on how to protect personal information, transcripts of relevant congressional testimony, consumer protection, and lots of other privacy issues.
  • The Real Beer Page
  • The Roller Coaster Database (RCDB) statistics on over 650 roller coasters across North America
  • Social Security Online: Retirement Planner This site provides calculators, charts, and other information for determining Social Security retirement benefits. The Near Retirement section addresses full retirement age, delayed retirement, break even points, and related topics. Some information also in Spanish. From the Social Security Administration (SSA). (LII)
  • Time Magazine's 100 most influential people
  • VolunteerMatch Have some free time? Want to volunteer somewhere? Search the database for volunteer opportunities.