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TV and Radio

  • The BBC Guide to Comedy Info on every TV comedy shown in the UK, from 1936 to today. Find shows (alphabetically or by year), people, Great Comedy Moments, various lists, video clips, and more. (LII)
  • Blinkx Remote a tool for finding TV programs (and snippets) on the Web. (RB)
  • Doctor Who - The Official Site [RealPlayer, Flash] a superb resource for fans of the television series (SR)
  • The Engines of Our Ingenuity produced by NPR affiliate KUHF-FM, Houston, this radio program explores human creativity.
  • Episode Guides Guide to whats on TV, including history of the shows.
  • Heard on TV tries to collect all of those lovely song credits and mentions into one place. You can browse by show and you can even listen to little sound clips to make sure that it's the right one. And if they don't have it, you can request that it be found. (LIB)
  • Lost and Found Sound: A Special Radio Series For the Millennium -- NPR [RealAudio]
  • Masterpiece Theatre Online [Flash]
  • Mysteries of the Nile -- NOVA Online [Quicktime 3.0]
  • Prairie Home Companion
  • Public Radio Fan a directory to public radio stations in the US and around the world, linking to both the Websites and audio feeds as well as programming schedules.
  • Radio Bilinge: Latin Community Radio Network network of 5 Spanish language radio stations in California (LII)
  • Radio Locator Locate radio stations around the country, including those that use streaming audio
  • TV Acres information on prime time and Saturday morning TV shows from the 1940's to the present. (LII)
  • TV Guides by Yahoo regional tv listings. (RB)
  • TV Guide's Site the website of the print version. (RB)
  • Television without Pity Each week they reveal exactly what occurred on the episode, all the while providing exceedingly sharp and amusing commentary. (SR)
  • The Encyclopedia of TV How exactly does one create an encyclopedia about television? It's a formidable task, and one that Dr. Horace Newcomb of the University of Texas at Austin took on with great relish. He worked to assemble an advisory committee that would reduce the vast array of topics to around 1000. They did so, and in 1997, The Museum of Broadcast Communications published the fruits of their labor. Visitors to the site can browse through thoughtful and thorough entries alphabetically, and they will find entries that cover specific programs, historic moments and trends, important policy disputes, tabloid television and the quiz show scandal that rocked the industry in the 1950s. Many notable personalities are covered here, including Phil Silvers, Dan Rather, and Hugh Downs. (SR)