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Information Science

  • Blogbib: An Annotated Bibliography on Weblogs and Blogging, With a Focus on Library/Librarian Blogs This annotated bibliography includes definitions, articles about blogging and about library blogs, books, studies, links to samples of the myriad library blogs, tools for creating and using blogs, and links to presentations on blogging. ... While most entries are from the United States of America, BlogBib includes blogs and commentary from Canada, Europe, and Australia as well. Coverage includes academic, public, school, and special libraries. (LII)
  • BWI Title Tales Reviews of books.
  • Catalogablog A blog (Web log) devoted to library cataloging, classification, metadata, subject access and related topics, from David Bigwood, Assistant Manager for Library Services (and Cataloger) at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. (LII)
  • Ex Libris: A Weekly E-zine for Librarians This free weekly column, by reference librarian Marylaine Block (best known for her weekly mailing of best-pick websites, Neat New Stuff), addresses the Internet, computers, databases, people, and current events. (LII)
  • Fiction Finder What would a user-friendly library catalog look like? Fiction Finder explores that question with an intriguing experimental display based on a proposed conceptual model for information organization, FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records). To see FRBR in action, play around with authors, titles, keywords, and Library of Congress subjects. This site does not provide help screens or information about Fiction Finder. From the research division of OCLC.... (LII)
  • Hennen's American Public Library Ratings (HALPR) This site rates public libraries in the United States (LII)
  • Internet Library for Librarians A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession. (LIB)
  • Just In Time Electronic Article Delivery Services a meta-index
  • Stephen Bell's Keeping Up Web Page to help “library and information science professionals develop and maintain a program of self-guided professional development.”
  • Librarian's World Librarian's World is a network of Librarians & Information Scientists. It is a democratically managed site without any editor. It offers Social bookmarking, Expertise Exchange, Discussion Forums, Librarians Webpages and many other facilities with an objective of better networking & knowledge sharing amongst Librarians. (IRN)
  • Librarian-Resources-ReadyToGo A Wiki designed by library students and professionals to pool resources for use in libraries of all types. (IRN)
  • Library Humor From the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). (LII)
  • Library Journal (SR)
  • Library Records Post-Patriot Act (Federal Law) Created for the Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX) by Mary Minow, an attorney and former librarian. (LII)
  • Library Support Staff Resource Center Created and maintained by the American Library Association (SR)
  • LisNews a twice daily listing of news in the Library and Information Science field.
  • @Brint From the Brint Institute (an information management firm), a compendium of interesting and useful information
  • Organizing Web Information a meta-index of different approaches.
  • Usage and Usability Assessment: Library Practices and Concerns from the Digital Library Federation. (SR)

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