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December 2014

A History of Michigan's Natural Resources: Agriculture, Mining and Lumber, by Mark Pickvet

The Shocking Story of Helmuth Schmidt: Michigan's Original Lonely Hearts Killer, by Tobin T. Buhk

Death At The Lighthouse: A Grand Island Riddle, by Loren Graham

Grand Traverse: The Civil War Era, by John C. Mitchell


February 2015

The Great Lakes Reader, ed. by Walter Havighurst

A Guide to Tracing Your Galway Ancestors, by Peadar O'Dowd


March 2015

The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775, by Peter Wilson Coldham

The Northwest Ordinance 1787: A Bicentennial Handbook

The Family Tree Historical Maps Book Europe: A Country-by-Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s, by Allison Dolan

Barbados West Indies: Consisting Mainly of Peers & Ashcroft & Others, compiled and edited by Joanne Mcree Sanders (Gift of Colonial Dames)

The Roll of the House of Lacy: Pedigrees, Military Memoirs and Synoptical History of the Ancient and Illustrious Family of De Lacy, collected and compiled by De Lacy-Bellingari (Gift of Colonial Dames)

The William Ward Genealogy: The History of the Descendants of William Ward of Sudbury, MA 1638-1925, by Charles Martyn (Gift of Colonial Dames)

Colonial Records of Marlborough, MA (Gift of Colonial Dames)