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  • Crime through Time lists, time lines, book club, for historical fiction
  • Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls The site offers thousands of cataloged graphic images of illustrated covers to issues of the dime novels and story papers
  • Death Among the Books: Bibliomysteries for BookloversLibrarians, authors, publishers, and bookdealers are featured in these charming mysteries. A short, partially annotated, bibliography from the Manchester (Connecticut) Public Library. (LII)
  • Jewish MysteriesThis site features an annotated bibliography of American Jewish mystery and detective fiction. The mysteries are divided into three categories based on Jewish identity and the role of Judaism in each mystery: assimilation, acculturation, and affirmation. Also includes an introductory essay. From a rabbi who is the editor of anthologies of Jewish mystery stories. (LII)
  • Mystery Ink booklover's guide to mysteries and thrillers (LII)
  • Mystery*File A crime fiction research journal about mystery novels and novelists. Includes an illustrated and annotated checklist of the Ziff-Davis Fingerprint Mysteries, a chronological checklist of Native American detectives, and an essay about the game of cricket and mystery novels. Also addresses fictional characters such as Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence, book reviews for older and recent works, and links to related sites. (LII)
  • Mystery Librarian A blog about mysteries written by librarians
  •  Golden Gate Mysteries: A Bibliography of Crime Fiction Set in the San Francisco Bay Area This bibliography contains over 900 titles of mystery, detective, and crime fiction with the action, or significant parts of the action, set in San Francisco and the Bay Area. (LII)
  • The Moonlit Road [RealPlayer] Spooky stories and weird tales from the American South
  • Mysterious Homepage links to mysteries, authors, characters, etc.
  • Stop, You're Killing Me! Search for Mysteries by author or character. (LII)
  • Thrilling Detectives search for detectives in literature, film, and tv. (RB)


  • Monster Librarian Collection of horror fiction reading lists for adults and teens. Topics include vampires werewolves, zombies, horror-themed romance, and more. Also includes suggestions for scary books for children, and reviews of horror podcasts. From librarian Dylan Kowalewski. (LII)x

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