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Charles H Hackley Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities

Charles H. Hackley Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities is held in May each year. An individual with a tie to Muskegon who has made a distinguished contribution to an area of the humanities is invited to present a lecture in his/her area of expertise.  

  1. 2014 Lecture-Honoring and Perpetuating the Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer-by John Mattews
  2. 2013 Lecture-My Journey-by Roy S. Roberts
  3. 2012 Lecture-How can we lose the war on terror by John Hutson
  4. 2011 Lecture-Getting Out of the House by David Turner
  5. 2010 Lecture-Music as an Agent of Change by Scott Speck
  6. 2009 Lecture-The Russian American Relationship by John Beryl