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Getting Ready for College

  • College Toolkit.com a one-stop resource for students regarding life after high school. All the features on our site are free for students to use, including: Career Exploration Tools, College Searches, Scholarship, Searches, Online Scholarship Applications, Interactive Calculators, and Informative Articles.
  • The Graduation Guide This Graduation Guide presents both parents and the [high school] graduate with a great deal of helpful and practical information about party planning (themes, dates, menus, and more), what to expect from the ceremony, how to address and send out announcements and thank you notes, proper etiquette and much more. Also includes gift ideas, suggestions for thank-you notes, and recipes. From a provider of graduation-related products. (LII)
  • Counselor-O-Matic answer a few questions and this site will match you up with up to 15 colleges. (LII)
  • College Prep 101 Help with the process of applying to, selecting and transitioning to college. (IRN)
  • Degree.net learn about accredidation, bogus schools, distance learning, etc.
  • Getting Ready for College Early from the Department of Education. Lots of information on getting ready for college.
  • Jumpstart's Reality Check take a short quiz here that asks what necessities or luxuries teens will expect when they are on their own. This program will calculate how much in wages - and education - would be required to maintain that standard of living
  • Kaarme is company designed by high school students for high school students to help students find the right colleges free of cost.
  • Preparing Your Child for College a parent's guide.
  • Resident Assistant information about life on campus. (SR)

SAT/ACT Test Prep

  • AT&T Career Tests Description: Study guides and a test matrix for employment testing. Each study guide is designed to give a job candidate a better idea of what the test is like and to inform a candidate about how he or she can better prepare for the test. The test matrix shows a list of job titles in alphabetical order with the corresponding test requirements. All documents are stored in the PDF format. The list is HUGE and will most likely be helpful for employment at any company. (BWN)
  • SAT Preparation An educational website to help high school students prepare for the vocabulary section of the new SAT exam. (BWN)
  • SATPrepPlan.com - Free Online SAT Test Preparation Practice Tests SAT Practice problems, customized SAT preparation plan, SAT problem solving videos, free online SAT test preparation books and materials.
  • PrepMe test prep games, advice on college, free SAT diagnotic tool.


  • Admission Office Links to most, if not all, US colleges and universities.
  • Graduate School Rankings -- US News
  • All College.org a simple directory with a built-in search engine and cross-referenced listing. (TB)
  • America's Best Colleges _US News_ (SR)
  • Best 357 Colleges Rankings Princeton Review (SR)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities Web Sites over 100 web sites arranged by state (LII)
  • The Black Collegian Online contains articles on graduate school opportunities, career outlooks and reports, and job search strategies. (SR)
  • Braintrack University Index Billing itself the world's most complete Education-index, this handy site lists URLs for over 5,300 higher education institutions all over the world (152 countries)
  • Campus Explorer Find the perfect school by searching on a variety of different parameters. (DS)
  • College and University Rankings a list of links to rankings of college and universities.
  • The College Journal from the Wall Street Journal, a guide to help college students find a graduate school or employment. (BWN)
  • CollegeNews.org news, insight, and commentary ... from the Annapolis Group, a nonprofit alliance of the nation's leading independent liberal arts colleges. (LII)
  • College Profiles provides brief sketches of thousands of colleges and universities, along with materials on the cost of each school, financial aid opportunities, and campus life. (SR)
  • National Catholic College Admission Association information on Catholic colleges.
  • Campus Tours
  • CollegeNet Searchable information and links to College Web Sites in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • College Board Online
  • College Navigator This source for college information allows you to search for U.S. colleges by name, location, type of institution, and programs/majors. Provides material about expenses, financial aid, enrollment, admission, athletics, and more. Include multiple institutions on a favorites list to see side-by-side comparisons. Also includes links to material about applying for financial aid and careers. From the Institute of Education Science (IES) National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education. (LII)
  • COOL: College Opportunities On-Line -- National Center for Education Statistics Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Use this to access over 9,000 trade schools, colleges, and universities in the United States.
  • Community College Review tools and data to help users compare colleges within their state and learn more about how community colleges work
  • Directory of College Degrees A directory of career education and college degree programs. Request information from leading education providers.
  • Distance Education.org a unique accredited online university and college degree guide, offering for the first time, detailed information about online college costs and tuition, online university reviews and profiles, and expert education commentary all in one place. (RB)
  • EDURegistry.org information on how to start a college search.
  • Fishnet-The College Guide Searchable database of college information
  • Directory for Graduate Schools has over 49,000 listings of graduate school programs.
  • eLearners.com eLearners.com offers online graduate degrees from accredited online colleges and universities. Explore comprehensive resources including feedback and suggestions about how you can be more successful as an online student.
  • Graduate School Admission.com your gateway to resources and information designed to help you prepare for today's competitive environment of graduate school admission.
  • Get Recruited have your information sent to many colleges, those that like you will get back in touch.
  • Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services the standard reference tool used by most U.S. colleges and universities to award academic credit for military learning. (LII)
  • Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) a non-profit service organization for schools with military programs approved by the Department of Defense. (LII)
  • IEE Passport invaluable to college students and others searching for study abroad opportunities.
  • IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line (COOL) helps prospective college students and their parents comparison shop, with data on over 9,000 college and universities nationwide.
  • Liberal Arts College Review offers new tools and data to help users research appropriate schools.
  • Match College.com a completely free website that provides in-depth statistical information regarding colleges, universities and trade schools. MatchCollege.com allows college bound students to have a quick overview of every campus in the U.S.A., covering over 6,000+ public and private colleges and universities covering topics on: Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Employment, and Athletics
  • On-line degrees and scholarships find out about online degrees and a variety of scholarships.
  • Peterson's College Guides
  • Princeton Review is a free, one-stop, higher educational portal that helps you find a US community college, technical program, four-year college or university, or graduate school that is right for you.
  • Community College Locator contains over 1300 community college sites and almost 200 related resource sites. (RB)
  • Student Guide from the Department of Education
  • US Universities allows you to find colleges and universities in the United States by state or degree program. (RB)
  • Study Abroad a directory for studying abroad opportunities
  • Technical Schools USA A guide to technical schools, careers, and certifications in the United States.
  • Universities Worldwide over 6000 universities in over 150 countries. (LII)
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities Annual ranking of the top 500 universities based on several indicators of academic or research performance, including alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, highly cited researchers, articles published in Nature and Science, articles indexed in major citation indices, and the per capita academic performance. Includes top-100 lists for Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia Pacific universities. Rankings go back to 2003. From the Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. (LII)