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  • Bookhive An online book review source for parents and children.
  • Children's Books Online contains full versions of dozens of classic children's books, including David Copperfield, Grampa in Oz, and Peter Rabbit. What is equally compelling is that a number of the books are available in a number of different languages, including Polish, Italian, German, Romanian, French, and Russian. (SR)
  • Countdown to Kindergarten: Monthly Activities Besides being fun, these activities introduce four- and five-year olds to the kind of learning skills they'll be developing further in kindergarten. Includes descriptions of 12 monthly activities such as a mail activity for February, water play in July, and an October fall walk and talk. From a partnership of public and private organizations in Boston. (LII)
  • Kindergarten Entry Skills Overview of skills considered necessary for a child when entering kindergarten. Topics include the importance of kindergarten entry factors as rated by kindergarten teachers (includes various social, perceptual, motor, and language development skills), and expected cognitive and motor skills. Also includes links to related sites. From the Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting (CEEP), part of the Early Childhood and Parenting (ECAP) Collaborative at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (LII)
  • Ready for Kindergarten? In this article five kindergarten teachers from around the country ... share their insights on helping your child gain the right mix of kindergarten-readiness skills. Topics discussed include enthusiasm toward learning, oral-language skills, ability to listen, the desire to be independent, the ability to play well with others, strong fine-motor skills, and basic letter and number recognition. From Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine. (LII)
  • LD Online: Learning Disabilities Information and Resources
  • Lil' Fingers Storybooks a storybook site for toddler age children with games, storybooks and coloring pages (BWN)
  • Music Sites
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children information about how young children learn and grow.
  • National Middle School Association Every thing you want to know about Middle School
  • Pathways to School Improvement Want to improve your school but don't know how? Check out this site.
  • Prepare My Child for School: Helping Your Preschool Child This booklet is for families and caregivers who want to help their preschool children to learn and to develop the skills necessary for success in school -- and in life. It includes sections on the education and development of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers; tips for preparing a child for kindergarten, selecting TV programming, and choosing child care; and related material. Also available in Spanish. From the U.S. Department of Education. (LII)
  • Quick Picks for Young Adult Reluctant Readers
  • SchwabLearning.org: A Parent's Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Differences (LII)
  • Tutorz a beta search engine for professional tutors. What a fabulous tool for parents and students! You can search by subject and/or location, and sort by distance, best match, or popularity. Listings include information about the person's qualifications, degrees, subject specialties, and rates. (LIB)
  • World of Reading Where kids and books come together.
  • Guys Read tips on promoting reading to boys, along with list of good books for boys. (LII)



  • EPA Children's Health Protection This is EPA's site on indoor air quality, asthma and children's health.
  • KinderStart This directory has information on pregnancy, birth, and issues relating to children up to age six.
  • Kidnetic.com Material about food and fitness for children. Features indoor and outdoor games and activities, recipes for nutritious foods, and an interactive diagram of the human body and associated fact sheets about healthy eating and exercise. Fact sheet topics include weight concerns, the 10,000 step per day challenge, going vegetarian, and fitting in fast food favorites. Also includes material for parents in English and Spanish. From the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation. (LII)


  •  A Note To Parents

    Please remember that the Internet and the Web contain many different kinds of material, and its links can carry one to many different places. Hackley Public Library is not responsible for what one sees or reads once beyond the boundaries this site. Parents should watch where their children journey... One of the best sources for parents is an informational pamphlet, Child Safety on the Information Highway, found at The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Interactive Services Association. Once at their site, choose Education and Resources, then NCMEC Online and Publications List.

  • Department of Education: Parents Guide to the Internet
  • Including Your Child For parents of special needs children up to 8 years old, this pamphlet was recently released by the US Dept. of Education.
  • Teaching Kids Safety
    • Safety City (grade 3-6) Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Bike, school, bus, and car safety.
    • Poison Prevention (kindergarten-grade 3) Information on poisons and staying safe.
    • Sparky the Fire Dog (grade 4-8) Fire prevention.
  • Family Web Collaborations
    • Homestead In addition to family pages, Homestead can be used to create any kind of Web site .. and is great fun! Optional features include a password for privacy, chat room, newsletter, and guest book.
    • MyFamily.com This site has many of the features of the others, but also has a genealogy component.

Just for Fun

General Parent Resources

  • Baby Center A Clearinghouse of information for expectant or new parents.
  • Think Baby Names a site where you can search for baby names
  • Baby Names Crib Baby Names Crib features Over 24,000 baby names that can be rated, saved to favorites or commented on and more. It also has a blog with baby names news, parenting news and more.
  • Back to School Tips A list of ideas for parents of school-age children, covering topics such as backpack comfort and safety, starting a new school, school avoidance, study habits, child care, television use, and alcohol abuse prevention. From the American Academy of Pediatrics. (LII)
  • Book Hive Reviews of children's books by librarians.
  • Boot Camp for New Dads a national support network for men confronting the realities of fatherhood. (LII)
  • Boot Camps For Troubled Teens For parents who are looking for resources available for struggling teens. Find information relating to teen boot camps alternatives with us.
  • Boot Camps Information and resources for parents looking to place their troubled teen in a boot camp.
  • Child Care Aware is a non-profit initiative committed to helping parents find the best information on locating quality child care and child care resources in their community.
  • Child Support For Custodial Mothers and Fathers: 1997 [.pdf, 6p.]. Statistics about custodial parents.
  • Child and Family WebGuide offers categorized links to sites that contain research-based information about child development. (SR)
  • College and Scholarship Information College ratings, where to get scholarships, etc.
  • Family.com The site addresses such wide subjects as arts and crafts, entertainment, family pets, parties, travel, and more.
  • Family Life Today providing practical, biblical tools to strengthen and build your marriage and family relationships
  • The Factbook: Eye-opening Memos on Everything Family The Factbook is an organized collection of research on family created as a website companion for Po Bronson's book, Why Do I Love These People? Find approximately one hundred well-documented short articles and memos about family life, including facts, statistical data, and opinions. Topics include parenting, family roles and responsibilities, marriage, children, work, and more. (LII)
  • Focus on the Family scriptural principles of marriage and parenthood to help preserve and strengthen families
  • Grading the Movies, Music and Games
  • Michigan Merit Award and MEAP Information
  • Michigan Parent Resources a comprehensive directory that will help Michigan families and parents become aware of all the services available to them through the State of Michigan. (RT)
  • Screen It